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  • Interview with writer and director Sam Wildman

    Hi everyone, following the introduction of the film project “The Reverie” earlier, see: THE REVERIE – A POST-APOCALYPTIC FAIRYTALE, we have an exclusive interview with writer and director Sam Wildman: But first let’s have another look at the kickstarter video pledge to set the mood:   All set? right, then dive in:   1/ Sam, could […]

  • The Reverie – A Post-Apocalyptic Fairytale

    Another project that caught my attention:”The Reverie”… and what a great project, the idea is simple but bold at the same time. I like the fact that it is simply different.   First, let’s get a look at the video pledge from their Kickstarter campaign, you will see what I mean: let’s have a look […]

  • Expedition movie: finally all revealed!!!!

    Producer Ben Loyd Holmes announces Dinosaurs are BACK from extinction in upcoming movie THE EXPEDITION London, UK- 24th February 2014- Nature Has Evolved… In a spectacular reveal, Award-Winning film producer Ben Loyd Holmes (The Hike, Art Of Darkness) announces that his latest production, “The Expedition” has brought dinosaurs back from extinction! Synopsis: Deep in the […]

  • THR33, a full length horror film by Paige McKenzie.

    Sometimes you cannot explain why but you actually found a film project that makes you think: This sounds great and I bet that it will go far. Well, this is exactly what I thought when checking THR33, a full length horror film by Paige McKenzie. So why wait? Let’s have a look at what she is […]

  • SOLA – A Film project about The End of Days, Depression & Hope

    As you know by now, I am a big fan of crowdfunding campaigns that comes out of the lot, and today I would like to present you: “SOLA” “Sola” is an interesting project as it is, well, different. Please have a look at the video pitch from their Kickstarter campaign and you will understand what […]

  • Smells Like Dead, a promising web series.

    Hi everyone, what about a promising web series to follow? the one I have in mind is “Smells Like dead”, and if delivers as well as it does in the promo trailers then it surely will be a bomb: To start with, a quick description: “In a world where the dead walk amongst the living… […]