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    Feature film in the making: The Criminal Audition.

    Award Winning Production Company Muzzle The Pig Announce Feature Film “The Criminal Audition” The project is crowdfunding at the moment here: INDIEGOGO The Criminal Audition- An Indie Crime Thriller from Criminal Audition Movie on Vimeo. Synopsis: What if crime really did pay? What if murderers, arsonists, fraudsters and more could be exonerated from their crimes […]

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    Kitty’s 9 Lives by speropictures.

    Redding, California – Speropictures, along with several other members of the local film making community are looking to raise support and awareness by launching a crowdfunding campaign through popular website, Kickstarter.   The new short film, Kitty’s 9 Lives, has already created a buzz locally and online as they have begun advertising their pre-launch pledge drive. […]

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    Win The Expendables 1&2 on DVD!

    The expendables 3 are now at the cinema and what a better way to celebrate than a chance to win numbers 1&2 How? Easy, all you have to do is leave a comment below and on the 27th of August we will pick a winner… good luck everyone! Damien. Please note: The DVDs are region2, […]

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    INTERVIEW- Adam Spinks, Director.

    If you haven’t heard of Adam Spinks I would give you one piece of advice: remember that name, He is the man behind “The expedition, that we at Limited-Release are following from the start and lately the film “Survivors”. You can find out more about the film HERE on limited-Scream.com Let’s jump straight in the interview: […]

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    Sci-Fi Short Action Film – The Feeling of Unreality by Chris Stone.

    Hi everyone, this might come as old news for some of you but I wanted to share a short film from the director of the web series “Blood and Bone China“. The storyline is great, the actors deliver an outstanding performance and Chris Stone shows one more time that he is an accomplished director. But […]

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    Butterfly: an Irish short film by Cathal Black.

    An interesting Irish project popped up on the Irish crowdfunding website http://fundit.ie/ and caught my attention: Butterfly   let’s have a look at the pitch below: Butterfly from Enda O’Dowd on Vimeo.   and now the plot:   Leonard, a lonely probation officer, estranged from his wife, is faced with the difficult task of writing a […]