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Recent News

  • predator DA

    PREDATOR: Dark Ages TRAILER is now online.

    THE HUNT HAS BEGUN ………..   We present The New PREDATOR: Dark Ages TRAILER!!! A fan made short film who looks absolutely amazing:   Templar Knights are put to the ultimate challenge, to hunt The Predator. Testing not only their skills as fighters but also their faith. Set during the Crusades, the faith & fighting […]

  • survivor 2


    INFECTION IS COMING! Terrifying First Trailer for Indie Horror SURVIVORS drops and you are up for a treat. Feast your eyes on the terrifying first full trailer for infection horror SURVIVORS, the next film from the Writer/Director of the UK smash hit monster movie EXTINCTION! Survivors, a gritty and personal horror film, presents a unique […]

  • SOI 1

    Swords of Insurgency

    Swords of Insurgency is an action martial arts short film based in an apocalyptic setting. It is a non-profit project. Swords of Insurgency Trailer from Omar juarez on Vimeo. Decades have past after the great apocalypse and the world has become savage more reminiscent of the dark ages than modern times. Most of the world’s […]

  • IMG_1199

    Competition to celebrate the release of the “limited-release app”

        Competition time again! We happen to have another set of the expendables 1 and 2 to grab to celebrate the release of the “limited-release app” in: the windows store: Link to limited-release in both the Windows Store and on the Windows Store Website: http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/app/limited-release/136299cf-6c02-4a40-96f0-633902ff2e9c and the windows phone store: Link to the Store: […]


    Feature film in the making: The Criminal Audition.

    Award Winning Production Company Muzzle The Pig Announce Feature Film “The Criminal Audition” The project is crowdfunding at the moment here: INDIEGOGO The Criminal Audition- An Indie Crime Thriller from Criminal Audition Movie on Vimeo. Synopsis: What if crime really did pay? What if murderers, arsonists, fraudsters and more could be exonerated from their crimes […]

  • Kitty_Facebookheader

    Kitty’s 9 Lives by speropictures.

    Redding, California – Speropictures, along with several other members of the local film making community are looking to raise support and awareness by launching a crowdfunding campaign through popular website, Kickstarter.   The new short film, Kitty’s 9 Lives, has already created a buzz locally and online as they have begun advertising their pre-launch pledge drive. […]